How I Started a Sunless Tanning Business

ENVY Sunless Tanning | the leader in the sunless industryOMG, it's here! My first order of ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse arrived today and it is exactly what I've always envisioned. I won't lie, this seems so surreal. Did I really create this or is this all a dream? I always wanted to do this; but never thought to attempt it. It's safe to say, I'm so glad I did it.

I still have so many things to do before it is officially launched and available to the public; but I'm doing my best to get those things done. It's not always easy juggling life, family, kids, homeschool, and now my business. I've dreamed of this day for so long, but  never anticipated it to actually happen. 

I'm still working on the perfect routine, as being a business owner comes with tons of work. I always reminded myself, throughout this process, that the work doesn't end when the product arrives. Instead, it will just have begun. Having a presence on social media, creating content, and branding all take so much time and effort. 

One thing for certain is how blessed I've been with my amazing clientele who have been so supportive of me and they've watched this dream become reality. {I see you, girl!}

Ahh, I think that is a wrap on my first blog post. Sleep is far from priority, but I think it's a good choice after this busy day. 

PS. I opened up a limited quantity of ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse and Applicator Mitts through tonight and ending Saturday the 21st at 10am. <3