Tan Lines are Optional with ENVY

It's the dead of Summer and depending on what part of the United States you are in; you might have some funky tan lines right about now. 
As for me, Michigan has been kind of rainy lately; so my UV tan has been nonexistent, but thankfully ENVY has been a saving grace. 
The Summer months offer many hours outside in the sun, which only makes for some interesting tan lines; right?
The good news -- ENVY has you covered. When you choose to expose your skin to the UV rays outside, make sure you do so safely by using SPF and limiting your time in the direct sunlight. 
Additionally, blend in/even out your tan lines using ENVY self tanning mousse if you end up being bothered by them like myself. 
Did you know we have a sample size bottle (1.4 oz) that is just $13 (and free shipping); which will give you a minimum of 1 full body tan! This is a great option if you are new to self tanning OR you are new to ENVY; because once you try the sample, you will definitely want our full size bottle (7 oz) that provides 6+ full body tans! 
Happy Tanning,
xoxo ENVY