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The health and safety of the largest organ in our body, the skin; is our priority here at ENVY and we appreciate you trusting us for your sunless tanning and skincare needs. ENVY has watched the sunless world evolve over the last 12 years; so we certainly know the importance of great color, safety, and ease of use. The journey began behind the counter of a tanning salon, where UV exposure was at heart. After 3 years on the UV side of tanning, I left and  entered the sunless industry; which was considered new territory for so many; including myself. However; I knew that moving away from the UV tanning industry was an obvious; given the health warnings and safety precautions. At this time the sunless industry was making a turn for the better and had began developing products that provided a streak-free, no orange, and much healthier alternative to UV tanning; so I was all about it! 

Our sister company, Air Brush Tanning & More, launched and things really took off, a lot quicker than ever anticipated. While our product line was stellar, delivering the best [seriously] color available on the sunless market; our knowledge of the industry is what truly sold it for my business. Each customer had their own set of questions, many of them were new to the sunless industry, and of course; everyone has different skin types. I truly took pride in working one-on-one with each of my clients and in just 1 year, my little side gig became a brick and mortar shop. In a matter of 15 months; I had opened an additional two more brick and mortar shops also. I grew from 0 to more than 3,000 clients in just a few short years of starting. Yep, more than 3,000!

While the tanning industry was always a passion of my heart; so was starting a family! After getting married, we welcomed two beautiful children and continued to serve a smaller client base to allow more time to enjoy life and all it has to offer. I found myself really missing the work, my clients, and everything about the industry. I needed a way to stay involved, serve my clients who built so much trust in me, and be actively involved/present with my family. 

Just like that, 12 years later; ENVY was born! I took my passion, my knowledge, and my love for the industry and put it into your hands; literally. 

I hope you enjoy ENVY products as much as I enjoyed creating them for you. 




CEO, Founder

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