Preparation, Application, and FAQ


Are you ready for

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Our best tips are below so you can achieve just that; the best experience of your life.


Happy Tanning.  


48 Hours [Before] Sunless Application

  • Waxing services should be done 48 hours prior to application.
  • Remove loose fitting jewelry before application; product is naturally derived and can usually be rinsed from jewelry that you can not remove after application process (necklaces, bracelet, etc)
  • Exfoliate several times at least 48 hours prior to application.
  • Moisturize dry spots several times prior to application
  • Make sure you have an Applicator Mitt & ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse 


24 Hours [Before] Sunless Application

  • Shaving should be done 24 hours prior to application
  • Exfoliate one last time, if need be
  • Moisturize dry spots again, if need be

 [Now] Sunless Application

  • Remove jewelry that won't be stable during application (necklaces, bracelets, etc)
  • If you choose to wear undergarments, make sure they are dark colored to prevent fabric discoloration
  • Apply a barrier cream to areas such as ankles, wrists, and knuckles or highly-prone dry spots
  • Always use the Applicator Mitt to apply ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse or you will have discoloration on your hands
  • Dispense 2 pumps of mousse into your Applicator Mitt and rub in long, circular motions starting with one of your legs first. If you need to apply another pump or 2 of mousse to finish your leg, you can do so, but only after you don't see anymore mousse coming from your mitt. 
  • DO NOT apply more mousse to your mitt to tan your foot, instead use remaining mousse on the Applicator Mitt to tan your feet. If you apply additional mousse to your foot, it will be too dark. 
  • Repeat this process to tan your other leg and foot.
  • After you have tanned your legs and feet, move on to your stomach (2 pumps), chest and shoulders (2 pumps), booty (2 pumps), and back (2-3 pumps). 
  • At this time, you can lightly tan your face by using leftover mousse on Applicator Mitt or dispense 1 pump to Applicator Mitt and blend mousse into face and neck. 
  • DO NOT apply more mousse to your mitt to tan your neck separately, as it will be too dark and unnatural looking.
  • Lastly, you will tan your arms, using the same concept as you did to tan your legs. Dispense 2 pumps and rub in long, circular motions. Avoid the wrists and hands until you have blended all tanner into your arms. 
  • DO NOT apply more mousse to your mitt to tan your hand, instead use remaining mousse on the Applicator Mitt to tan your hand. If you apply additional mousse to your hand, it will be too dark.


[After] Sunless Application

  • Get dressed with old, dark colored clothing.
  • If you aren't going out of the house, avoid putting on tight fitted things (bra).
  • Avoid perspiration or getting wet until you have rinsed/showered (8-10 hours later).
  • Once 8-10 hours have elapsed since application of ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse, you can shower/rinse as normal; but avoid exfoliation
  • To keep your mitt in excellent condition, rinse and wash with a mild soap, then hang to dry for next application.
  • At this time, if you wish to be darker, you may repeat the application steps if desired.
  • Enjoy your tan and if you have any questions, reach out to us!

[Other] Sunless Questions

When can I take my first shower after application?

  • We recommend letting your tan develop for a full 8-10 hours before rinsing/showering. However; if you'd like to be a little darker, you can wait an additional 2 hours before rinsing/showering. If you want to be a little lighter, you can rinse/shower 2 hours earlier.

Will swimming affect my tan at all?

  • Any chemical (chlorine) you put on your skin after application can shorten the life of the color, but you will not lose all of your color in one swim session. Enjoy the water and if you notice a big fade, you can certainly reapply after; shower and rinse chlorine before applying again.

How long will my ENVY Sunless Tan last?

  • You are the driver of this bus, so if you would like your color to last longer; then we will gladly guide you through how to make that happen. Our clients have indicated their color lasts about 5-7 days on average. The beauty of our product is that it remains accessible to you; so you can reapply as needed. To naturally lengthen your color, try exfoliating more often and better before application. You can also pay more attention to your dry spots and applying moisturizer to them more often. DO NOT apply another layer of sunless until you have showered the first application, to assure you truly do want to be darker. Product will get darker during the 8-10 hour development time.

Is ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse considered to be safe to use?

  • The FDA states that DHA (main ingredient) is approved for use in sunless tanning products, but should not be applied to the lips or mucous membranes (mouth, eyes, and nose). Avoid these areas when applying by using an Applicator Mitt or Kabuki Brush, which makes it quite safe and harmless.

Is ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse recommended for people with skin sensitivities or skin allergies?

  • ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse is vegan and naturally derived. However, if you were blessed with skin sensitivities (like myself), then please test our product in a small area to make sure you can tolerate it. 

How many (full body) applications can I get from one bottle?

  • We are all created differently, which is a beautiful thing. The other beautiful thing is that our product will get you (approximately) a minimum of 4-6 full body applications before needing to reorder. 

Will the Applicator Mitt improve my color?

  • YES! If you don't use the Applicator Mitt; you will have stained, orange hands! 

When will my order ship?

  • Being family owned and operated, we tend to work around the clock. Orders typically ship within 12 hours, but we always suggest waiting 24 hours after placing your order before reaching out with shipping questions.

How much is shipping?

  • FREE standard (5-7 days) shipping. If you need ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse quicker, please select "Priority" at checkout which will add additional cost to you.

What is the best way to exfoliate prior to application?

  • While there are tons of yummy smelling exfoliants on the market today; we recommend keeping it simple. Did you know a lot of those products can contain unnecessary ingredients that will actually work against your tan? It's true. We recommend our Exfoliating Glove with a natural body wash for best results. Make sure you start exfoliating several days prior to application, but not on the same day of application.

Does ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse have SPF (sun protection) in it?

Is ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse tested on animals?

  • NO. All of our products are cruelty free.

How long is ENVY Sunless Tanning Mousse good for?

  • Our product has a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly in a cool, dry place.

Why choose ENVY for my sunless needs?

  • We have been in the tanning industry for over 12 years, which means our knowledge goes deep and we have transitioned with the industry! We take pride in our thorough customer relations that we create with those who reach out to us with questions, concerns, or just because. We like to say “we aren’t in business to sell, but to educate and deliver safe alternatives” and we live by this.